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It is hard to explain what we do in an Instagram or LinkedIn post.

The connection between The PeopleCentre Lagos, The QDance Company, Yk Projects Paris, Atunda Florida and Afropolis Global is the connection between dance, design thinking, digital technology and community building. Show production and tour management, AI + blockchain, Afrofuturist practice and using art for non art outcomes to solve bigger societal problems, which aren’t all that apparent.

We predicted the end and proclaimed that the future was black before it actually did, we predicted that community making was more important than art making in the 21st century and we proved it with danceGATHERING before #NFT became a thing.

Re:Incarnation was envisioning an Afro Dance global takeover before the GRAMMYS won Burna boy, Beyonce thought #BlackIsKing and Wiz kid shutdown #O2arena. We reflected on rebirth even before Covid made the death apparent. We premiered this history making piece in Paris in the middle of the pandemic and self produced an European tour when airports were shot down to many. And President Emmanuel Macron just gave a nod to our next project “Out Of This World”.

Between homelessness and worldliness, our team is a nomadic tribe who simultaneously work both from home and the farthest place from home. We defy logic + we blur the line between work & fun. We’ve been using tools like WhatsApp, slack, zoom and streamyard for productivity before they became hip.

We are hiring young, fearless, edgy, orthogonal and counter intuitive thinkers who aren’t defined by disciplines, who are plugged into #meta curation of #blackculture on a global scale, with a burning desire to change the world and excellently practice what they preach. If you’re good at what you do, you can work anywhere. But if you’re the best at what you do, come join the #QTribe as we go big in 2022.

Apply for:

Executive assistant, (EA)
Digital project manager, (PM)
Digital marketer (DM)
Urban culture curator (UC)
Business and Sales (BS)
and Content creator (CC)
Or as a Volunteer

From anywhere on earth

Send a CV + a Manifesto to 
with the subject stating what you are applying for.



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